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How to Increase your Prices

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A Mini-Course for Online Language Teachers

Are you exhausted from working too many hours and teaching clients for nothing?

Wondering how you can go from charging $15/hr to $50 or more?

Tired of telling your price and not hearing from your potential clients again?

You want to charge more for your classes but you doubt that people will afford it.

You know that a price increase involves more than changing a price tag, it has to be strategic and sustainable. 

Join this course to learn how you can increase your prices, without sleazy tactics and pressure.

In this short, self-paced and actionable course you'll learn:

  • How to move away from charging by the hour and sell results instead
  • How to package and pitch your services without feeling salesy
  • How and why you should create a digital product or several of them
  • How to make sure your small product sells your bigger products
  • How to keep growing your community so you don't run out of clients
  • How to sell out your products and services
  • How to plan your finances and projects

You'll be learning all that in bite-sized chunks, followed by actionable worksheets and ready-to-use templates. 

"I used to charge 30$/h and I kept wondering how I could ever create a better life for me and my family. After working with Elena, I now charge 120$/h for 1:1. This means that I work less to earn more and with the joy of working with clients who really appreciate my expertise and approach. I know I will keep on growing and I'm never looking back." ~ Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle from French Sunny Side.

About the author:

Hey! I'm Elena Mutonono, a coach for online language teachers who want to work smarter, make meaning and money, explore their creativity and attract their dream clients all over the world. 

Since I started coaching in 2015 I helped hundreds of other teachers reach more people and make more while working less, and this online course will help you start on this journey as well. If charging more and building a sustainable business is on your bucket list, join us!

Inside the Course:

Digestible content. Ready-made worksheets. Recorded Q&A.

  • 5 short, pre-recorded videos (view 1 a day, under 15 minutes)
  • 5 guides + 1-page worksheets (complete in 30 minutes)
  • 1 page of reminders about pricing (print out and post over your desk)
  • 2 interviews with online teachers who charge 10X more than they used to
  • Financial planner page 
  • An e-book on how to create a digital product (based on my creation of this course) and a financial report
  • A recorded Q&A sessions with more advice for your peers.

"I started off my online teaching journey charging 15€ an hour. I have played around with a lot of Elena’s techniques (reducing the length of classes but maintaining the price, creating programs etc). When I first ran a program, it cost 50€ per person and the 1:1 version was 100€. Now I’m planning to run a new group program at 125€ per person with a VIP 1:1 program costing 375€. These prices feel like a good stretch and will make it easier for me to cover my business costs and pay myself properly!" ~ Cara Leopold from Leo-Listening

Lesson Topics and Bonuses:

  • Lesson 1: How to move away from charging by the hour (programs vs. 1:1 lessons, basic principles of sales).
  • Lesson 2: How to package your services so people see value and result, not the number of hours. Learn to pitch in a human way.
  • Lesson 3: How and why you should create, price, market and sell a product (and how to make sure that it sells other things -- sales funnel principles).
  • Lesson 4: How to keep growing your community and making new sales or receiving inquiries consistently.
  • Lesson 5: How to plan your finances so you have money to run your business, pay yourself and invest in growth (financial planning, budgeting + an explanation of how business financials work).
  • Recorded Q&A session (60 minutes).
  • Bonus 1: 2 interviews with online language teachers who made drastic changes to their work and pricing.
  • Bonus 2: 1 page of affirmations on pricing and making money (to overcome discomfort and money guilt that many underpaid teachers have).
  • Bonus 3: An extra e-book on how to create your small digital product + behind-the-scenes videos of this product.

Each of the lessons is what I usually cover in separate coaching sessions, and along with the live Q&A and the bonuses you'll get the value of more than $1,300 in a format of this self-paced course for $65 (Less than $7 per one unit of content!)

"Before working with Elena, I was terrified of raising my prices. I was sure most of my clients would leave me with even the smallest increase. Elena helped me focus the message of my business and attract clients who were ready to pay higher prices. Since joining Elena's community, I've increased my prices by 30 percent. Now, I attract more of my ideal clients and don't worry about losing them then I increase my prices." ~ James Levin from English Arrow


Why should I buy this product now?

Raising your prices involves more than changing the price tag. It's a strategic move that includes some deep mindset work and a smart redesign of your online services. The best time to start raising your prices is always now. This is how you'll get to charge X5 in a few months with confidence. The materials in this course will also help you learn how to create more space in your business so you can design new products and services.

How is this different from reading books or watching free webinars?

The advice you'll find in this course targets online language teachers who want to build a business online. It is written by an online language teacher who tried and tested every strategy herself and with her own clients. Buying this course is like buying a small version of coaching.

I've been in business for some time. Is it relevant to me?

If you're already building momentum in your business, working smarter, running courses or membership communities, and selling your packages at the price you desire, you might find my mini-course on how to plan your launches more helpful.

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All materials are compiled in a 32-page book with links to other downloadable resources.

1 workbook (5 guides + worksheets)
32 pages
5 short instructional videos
~ 90 minutes
print-friendly affirmations
1 page
2 bonus video interviews
20 minutes
printable financial planner
2 pages
a guide on how to create a product
~5 pages + 8 videos + my product report
recorded Q&A session
60 minutes
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How to Increase your Prices

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