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How to plan your promotions and launches in a smart way

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A mini-course for online language teachers

Do you feel like your product launches waste your time, energy, and money? 

Do you wish you could just teach and stop the "endless promotion?" 

Does marketing your own programs and services feel like a drag?

"I've spent months creating the product and now I still need to market it???"

I know that feeling. Why isn't "just creating" not enough? Why do you have to turn into a used-car salesperson and keep repeating the same pitch over and over again waiting for people to buy?

But what if you changed your mindset about the way you approach promotion? What if instead of feeling like you're shoving it down people's throats you're actually sharing a story with them, inspire them to change and then invite them along on the journey?

If you're ready to change the way you think about promotion (and start getting actual results) this mini-course is for you.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The two types of promotion that you’ll need to master for your work (hint: one of them requires zero rambling on social media)
  • How to find and prepare people for your launch long before you “open enrollment”
  • The workflow that turns your promotion into a clear and easy-to-replicate system
  • Financial planning and projections to prompt you to generate revenue you need to run your business, monthly
  • Powerful strategies to use after the product launch (and why disregarding them is going to make your next launch more complicated)
  • Ideas for creative promotion (includes templates, checklists and examples + a number of prompts you can develop and use on your own)

All this content in bite-sized chunks, followed by actionable worksheets. You will work through 1 section a day (about 30-60 minutes), be done in 6 days and watch a Q&A recording of me answering some most common questions about launches.

About the author:

Hey! I'm Elena Mutonono, a coach for online language teachers who want to work smarter, build an efficient and sustainable business that continues to bring more revenue without turning into a humongous business empire.

In the 6 years of working with online language teachers, I've created, launched, and sold digital products, short programs, intensive coaching experiences, masterminds, and membership programs. I've learned how to run my program promotions without exhaustion and overwhelm, and in this mini-course, you'll learn to do exactly the same.

Many of the teachers I've worked with dream of the day when they no longer need to "promote" and "launch" but rather focus on creating and connecting. If this is your dream, too, you can start this journey with us right now.

"I now have more space for my personal life, for my business, and for new ideas."

"Before working with Elena I was afraid to plan anything more than a week or a month in advance. My program launches were sporadic, and I planned as I went. After our advanced planning session, I have a clear picture of what my year will look like, when I'll take a vacation, when I will launch and what. Elena shared with me a helpful launch workflow and an action plan for each launch month, and now I'm relieved. Seeing the big picture created more space in my life, space for my personal life, for my business and for new ideas." 

Barbara Rocci,  

Inside the Mini-Course

Digestible content and ready-made templates. 

  • 6 short, pre-recorded videos (view 1 a day, under 20 minutes)
  • 6 guides + 1-page worksheets (complete in 30 minutes)
  • 1 page with an adjustable monthly promotion workflow (for any product/program)
  • 1 page with strategies to use after your launch (includes a survey template)
  • Creative promotion examples (for social media posts, and live videos)
  • A recorded Q&A session

"My community has grown by 40% while producing 75% less content than before."

"Elena helped me reshape my online community by offering less content, charging a higher rate and focusing on building strong connections. To relaunch it, I built more excitement and planned out all the steps (social media posts, live videos, etc.). I was hesitant that it was going to work because the price had doubled and I was producing 75% less content than before. In my marketing I focused on the value of my offer (community interaction and real-life language learning) rather than content, and 21 new members enrolled in 1 week (my community has grown by 40%)! Since then we've had higher engagement and interaction rates. I have more confidence in re-launching My RnR Family in 2 months because the process is manageable and helps me focus on what really matters." 

Martin Johnston,

Lesson Topics and Bonuses:

  • Lesson 1: 2 types of launches for different products and services
  • Lesson 2: How to find the right people and how to market to them guiltfree
  • Lesson 3: How to plan your finances and project your revenue
  • Lesson 4: How to plan your promotion before your enrollment opens
  • Lesson 5: What to do after the launch to ensure your next launch success
  • Lesson 6: How to tweak your workflow so new launches take less time
  • A recorded Q&A session

  • Bonus 1: a launch checklist template (so no tiny detail falls through the cracks)
  • Bonus 2: money mindset mini-journal (because planning finances is useless when you have fears and shame around making money)

Each of the lessons is what I usually cover in separate coaching sessions. Along with the bonuses and the Q&A recording you'll get the value of more than $1,800 in a format of this self-paced course for $95 (each piece of content for less than $10).

If you're done with stressful and exhausting launches and don't have the time to go through 6-month in-depth courses, this mini-course is your asset. 


Why should I buy this product now?

Plan your product and services promotion in advance so you prepare your audience and increase sales. Most online language teachers have smaller audiences, so advanced planning is crucial for better results. The sooner you plan, the better prepared your audience will be, the more sales you'll make.

Do I have to complete the course at a certain time? How does it work?

The course is self-paced. After the purchase you'll download a PDF document and you will find all the video + bonus documents links there. It is possible to go through the course in 1 week but you don't have to do that. I've included a recorded Q&A session based on the questions I've received on the subject. The course has the content that you'll go back to multiple times.

How is this different from reading books or watching free webinars?

The advice you'll find in this course targets online language teachers who want to build a business online. It is written by an online language teacher who tried and tested every strategy herself and with her own clients. Buying this course is like buying a small version of coaching. All content is brand new.

I don't have products to launch and I have nothing to promote. Is it relevant to me?

If you want to create and sell digital products, online courses and coaching experiences this course is your guide to help you accomplish these projects without burning out in the process. Because the tips are focused more on strategy, they continue being relevant despite the fast-changing online world. Plus the planning advice you'll find here will save you hours of busywork in the long run.

I already have courses/products and I've launched them. Is it for me?

If launching anything sends you in a state of a heart attack, if promoting on social media makes you feel like a sleazy used car salesperson then yes, this course is for you. Imagine launching without stress, burnout and fatigue. The $95 is well worth it.

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This mini-course will help online language teachers keep their sanity and integrity while promoting and launching new products and services via social media and email.

6 videos
90+ minutes
1 workbook
30+ pages
After-launch strategies
1 page
Creative promotion prompts
2 pages
A recorded Q&A session
60 minutes
Launch checklist template
3 pages
Money mindset mini-journal
10 pages
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How to plan your promotions and launches in a smart way

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